Just say it

Never be afraid to say how a poem made you feel.

To all you wonderful readers out there, know that poets and writers could not exist without you. Worthy poets and writers recognize this and thank you sincerely everyday for your participation in their art.

The only thing worse for a writer than a critical review of their work is silence. Silence is the real enemy of the artist. Artists want to know if they made an impact, positive or negative, in the lives, worlds and perceptions of those that they touch.

So readers, to help an artist out, if I may play on the immortal words of the Department of Homeland Security, if you see something, say something. If something moves you, tell a friend, respond with a comment, or at the very least, like a post.

A few words by a thoughtful reader inspire writers to do what they do. Most writers just want to know they their voice has been heard, even if the reader does not agree or did not like what was said.

Most importantly, being a vocal reader means having the courage to say that a piece made us angry, or happy, or brought us to tears, as so many great artists have done for us. This is the substance of the artist’s life. The more we feed them, the greater they create.

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2 Responses to Just say it

  1. I do not want you too feel the enemy of silence, so I am writing to say I enjoyed your post and the site.

  2. So the writer’s voice is obviously terribly important. If the reader hates the personality behind the written words, a personality that surely comes through in the way an author expresses herself, then they are not going to want to hang out with that author throughout an entire novel.

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