Hurricane Season

By Kate Horowitz

The ship set sail in September,
puffed with whatever the summer left over.
Clouds clotted on the horizon.

He was cheerful, rum-cheeked,
captain of the great tall thing.
I was a mermaid lashed

last-minute to the bow.
With white painted hands
and featureless breast I was there

to pray away the storms,
an empty-eyed envoy to Neptune
to prevent what my captain pretended

wasn’t coming. And so I prayed,
arms at my sides in the sick gray surf.
I prayed, no tongue

in my wooden mouth,
as the ship sucked
into the sea.

My captain spun the massive wheel
as though the sails would save him.
I was swallowed and spit out.

The bowsprit creaked.
The ship tossed the captain’s body
like a baby. He was dead weight.

The boat went down,
and as the whole mess groaned
his face swept past me,

blank as my own.


So many years,
we’ve reincarnated. He’s
the archaeologist fighting

to save the rotting wreck.
I’m the biologist
five hundred feet down,

drinking cool air like it’s water,
learning from the shipworms
just what sunk ships

are good for.

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Mystic Nature – Do Animals Have Souls Like Human Beings?

Mystic Nebula - Dr. RCMystic Nature – Do Animals Have Souls Like Human Beings?

By Dr. Rashmi Chandran

M.SC., PH.D., H.N.C., PDF (Czech Rep.)., F.I.S.C.A



Man has always been man and a human being. But it was many ages before the soul spoke and the man heard, and in appearance resembled the brute more than the present form of humanity. But no one, regardless of animal propensities or aspect, ever was or is devoid of soul. Scientific studies are showing us that many animal species have rich emotional lives, complex social interactions and advanced cognitive powers. Some consider the soul to be an integral part of life and functions and also the source of the highest mental activities. Soul is almost synonymous with self, spirit or mind. The air we breathe, the light of the sun, oceans, rivers, mountains and forests, are all Ishvara, God. Animals are also manifestations of Brahman, as are humans. “Seen from this view, there is no difference between the two. Compassion is important throughout our lives, from birth to death. The science of empathy and the spirit of compassion. And we need both!  Man must live in solidarity with animals, because to live in community with them is the first principle of existence.

I believe someday, some situations, people can understand it’s NOT JUST A DOG or JUST AN ANIMAL or BIRD, but have SOULS like HUMAN. It’s the only way which makes us feel the meaning of compassion and comfort from being “Just a man” or “Just a woman “or  from living “Just a Life”  – Dr. Rashmi Chandran

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By JD DeHart

 We have sidestepped the barreling road
 All its dreadful diesel dangers
 Observing our former selves sprawled
 Homeless, yet promising, in the liquid murk

 How far we have travelled           world to world
 From what we used to be
 Stretched our nascent form and given birth
 Even within ourselves
 To the next stage, this is not the Scopes trail

 We emerged from trees and wrote stories
 About aircraft we saw floating, the tribes
 With all their wickedness and judgment
 When the sky called us children
 We took up arms and started battles
 Now reaching the land of milk and honey
 Swinging not from branches, but from greatness
 To species greatness, echoing legends
 From the back our beastly throats.

The Bard from Space

By JD DeHart

I am tired of exploring the manner
In which he packed fourteen lines
With ten syllables, soft then stressed
It must have been an extraterrestrial action
I have worn thin with the study of stories
Respun, from dross to gold
I picture the bard, complete with fluffy collar
Ancient parchment countenance
Stepping from a blinking mouth
Across the metal molars of a star craft
Taking in hand the cosmic quill to then spill
Stories of heaven and earth and even Mars
Laid down thick in hot ink.

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By Clyde Kessler

Space tricks us real close to the world.
It might be the hint of water and oxygen
or the surge of radio static shawled
into music. It might be the crazy twisting
worlds among some binary stars,
a lopsided rubble caked around a lensing
fire. Our telescopes will scratch into their lights.

Or somebody will launch us far away
to another star. The sun will crawl down
the windows as if our eyes have puzzled
hydrogen and helium into blindness.
Youngsters and oldsters will feel their skin
sprout into the same static, slurried with light.
The last crazy thing we get for supper
will be our own minds knotted into clouds.
We’ll guess our old earth in the telescopes.


By Clyde Kessler

The air is leaking away all winter.
Ice is tangled like skeletons in orbit.
Everything else glistens against us.
And we are half-shining from the hull
where we tried sliding metal tubing
against the freezing air. Icicles
begin to fall larger than the world.

We remember icicles. We remember
tracking our own tracks across a field.
We dream an island’s trees into sand.
Sunlight places itself inside snowflakes.
We see the island from our station.
The earth may have fallen there.

The air is still slipping into space.
Beauty in this drifting. Words repeated
by radios and fires. Beauty dragging
its truth through snowflakes, through
a missile launch. Creatures that smile.
Creatures that keep launching their own
beautiful words through our freezing
rooms. The syllables counted backwards
into our wars. We dream our willows,
they are falling from the sky. Creatures.
Created things. Snow for a window.
Music. Creatures. Drifting. Beauty.
The sun is pulled inside a wall.


By Clyde Kessler

My planet is this burnt face
touring another village spa.
It hangs me at the sky’s edge
like a thin drone bee in a web.

Tonight I stretch to cure you,
to wake the skin on your jaws,
to ask this old volcanic water
to sing your deep scars into me.

It is not the way of sin eaters.
It is never simple and crafted
into a smile. A wren has sung.
Spaceships have crashed again.

Tonight I hear the voices rhyme
three failed parachutes and silence.
This is when my planet casts fire
upon everything. And we are well.

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In The Knowing: The King Awakens

By David Matthew Brown

Closing my eyes
For a restful night’s sleep,
My wife’s body
Cuddled in a s-shape,
Our cats sleep
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Alternate Theory

By Amber Hollinger

‘Around a black hole there is a mathematically defined surface
called an event horizon
that marks the point of no return.’

I learned of the You. And then
I learned of the un You. And with
this knowledge came empty.
There grew a space in the universe
where there once was. And I imagine
it joined up with other spaces, vast:
the explanation of black hole.

A swirling accumulation of souls lost at the edge of the event horizon.

Perhaps it is the place for the
meeting of yin and yang. You know,
the métaphysique light and darkness.
Pain and fear and anguish and loss
feeding the dark of one side –
Bliss and love and blessings and full
shining through the light of the other.
And in the middle: what

a truth of being un being,
a swishing swooshing vacuum,
an answerless void of simply
it is what it is. C’est la vie. This is

Where I believe you have gone, both the you and the un you.

And this is where I will come
to visit when the hole within
greater than
the whole without.

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Celestial Eyes

By Cindy Rinne

The blue-for-sky ao dai dress

slick to the touch      shimmered silver, gray, and slate blue.

Horizontal stripes bordered the top, bottom, and sleeves base band carried bird-boats on high waves filled

with long-neck creatures worshipping       the sun

or following the north star.  Next, a stripe of star maps like compasses,

with a pie-wedge missing.       Bird boats floated above

these wheels while birds flew beneath & beside the globes. Atop

was a ring of various angular birds like puzzle pieces. Then a

thin layer of silvery birds holding each other’s wings in a line. 

Leading to thin birds, silver on blue pattern stretching towards

gray with silver columns of wispy clouds in the middle of the dress.

Mai Ly wore this sky dress to search for the eyes of the Phoenix   

artifacts of the moon and sun.

Jade Emperor said,

Sail towards Mia Pagoda to meet the guardians

of the lidded vessel. On the way,      I will tell you the story of the moon goddess.